Grateful Sappiness

I may be yard manager, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get very, very soppy about my friends the horses sometimes. I think a defining characteristic of the real horsewoman is that deep down, she’s still a 12-year-old girl who loves ponies.

Music and horses seem to dance hand in hand, too. Their very gaits and songs follow the same beats. I shamelessly listen while I ride; it helps me focus and the horses don’t seem to mind at all.

So today’s dose of sappiness involves celebrating my dear pets with the lyrics that make me think of them, with a heart of gratitude to the God Who should be punishing me.

This is from a random song my buddy Erin found on the Internet, “Dragonhearted” and it’s totally Arwen’s anthem. She’s the horse that never quits believing and it works for her. Misspelling absolutely intended, by the way.

This one is from a local artist, Elvis Blue’s “Lighthouse”. It’s something of homecoming and the graceful curves of the old, gold charger have always been that for me. A taste, perhaps, of what awaits us once we really get Home for good.

Basically anyone who knows Casting Crowns knows “Just Be Held”, which is all about the fact that God is holding onto us even when we’re too feeble even to grasp His outstretched Hand. That was a lesson I learned in no small part through God’s powerful use of Magic in my life.

MercyMe is a new one to me, but “The First Time” broke my heart. God’s mercy and grace are new every single day and undeserved every time, and just when I think I’ve seen the limit of His love, it turns out to be a false horizon, a hilltop from which a whole world of valleys and forests and fields of mercy rolls away in all directions into the everlasting. Thunder is a cherry on top, a blessing I don’t even need, but God saw fit to let me have him anyway. I feel so humbled.

As for Faith, Casting Crowns’s “Oh My Soul” has just always been her song. She arose from the sorrow of Nell’s sale and the tragedy of Rainbow’s death. And I can assure you that there will be dancing.

Dancing with horses, hand in hand with my King. Each step one waltz closer to our forever home.

Glory to the King.

4MNM Blog Hop: Songs in Flesh and Blood

I know, I know, I’ve done too many hops and stuff this week. But a) they’re super fun and b) I haven’t been on a horse since Friday, so take it or leave it.
Four Mares No Money’s Alyssa started this one and something similar has been stewing in my head for ages. She asks us to write about what songs suit our horses.
I am 17. Hence, I listen to music obsessively. My horses are all used to the bellowing crescendo of Skillet exploding in the air around them while I feed, groom and sing along (very badly). It didn’t take me long to pick songs for them. Horses are basically songs in flesh and blood anyway. As always, in alphabetical order:

Arwen: “Genoeg is Genoeg“, Joe Niemand

Bear with me: the song is in Afrikaans but its message is universal. Firstly, the music fits her attitude and even her stride so well that I’ll need to ride a freestyle to it someday.
The title translates to “Enough is Enough”, and I’ll roughly translate the chorus for you:

Enough is enough
Hear my cry
Lord, I’m done
With taking it lying down
Stand up for me and all Your children, Lord
Enough is enough
Of this nonsense
My house and I stand together
This far and not one step further

It fits Arwen’s brisk determination and is one of my favourites ever.

Magic: “It’s Magic“, The Parlotones

I listened to this song over and over when I’d just started leasing him. “Follow, follow, follow us up to the pie in the sky” would ring in my head when I rode his sky-touching jump. The lyrics fit, and the lively melody fit him too. I almost made his show name It’s Magic but wanted to incorporate the “fly” of his racing name, Gadsfly.

Skye: “Brave“, Josh Groban

Courage has always struck me as the greatest of Skye’s attributes. Also a dear favourite, “Brave” is a song that’s long inspired me, just like her. They suit each other, and Groban has a voice you could gild statues with.

Thunder: “Your Song“, Elton John

Yes, I am old enough to know this song. It’s hard for me to pick a song that captures both Thunder’s loyalty and his happy innocence, but the bubbling sweetness and bashful sincerity of this song comes pretty close. If he was human this would totally be Thun’s love letter.