Long Hack

After SANESA and with the long weekend looming, everyone’s been in a bit of a holiday mood. And around here, that means only one thing: Hacking! I think my kids must hate me because I’m still not so happy with cantering with kids on hacks, but this managed to be a lot of fun for […]

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Mist on the River

An old farmer around here used to say that once there was mist on the river, the frost would come in seven weeks or less. In seventeen years, he hasn’t been wrong. Sunmer draws to a close, promising the end of midge season – and therefore AHS season – and summer coats, and boxing horses […]

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Reed’s First Show

All photographs by Lisa Dixon, Reed’s owner. Please don’t use these without permission! Many, many thanks to Lisa, the Mutterer, that wonderfully special horse and my Lord the King. All glory to God!

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