Meet the Rider

The horse is prepared against the day of battle, but safety is of the LORD. Proverbs 21:31


People call me Firn. God calls me beloved, or sometimes “darling”, in a slightly exasperated tone. What more is there to say? I’m fresh out of my teens, I run God’s own stableyard at Morning Star Stables, and apart from Jesus and horses and people, I love dressage and the land and volunteering in first aid and the man who’s become the lighthouse of my soul.

God wooed me with wildflowers, saved my soul and captures my heart. I follow Him through adventures in horsemanship: listening, teaching, learning, and the dance. This is our journey.

Glory to the King.



Personal Riding Goals

2018 goals:

Improve my own body:

  • Have regular chiro.
  • Take conditioning classes twice a week throughout the year. No excuses.
  • I’m pretty good about eating and sleeping well. Keep it up, especially when I’m on volunteer duty.

Improve my dressage position:

  • Find out what’s going on with my shoulders.
  • Improve on my bad habit of bracing the lower back as soon as I feel tension.
  • Improve on my bad habit of tipping forward at the hip, especially in canter.
  • Improve on my super bad habit of looking down.

Improve my jumping position:

  • Improve my tendency for my heels to come up on landing.
  • Improve my release.
  • Improve my tendency to try and jump ahead on takeoff.

20 thoughts on “Meet the Rider

  1. Hey! I’m Paola a teenager homeschooler. You seem to be a good rider! I’ve only been riding since last year and currently do dressage. someday I want to do eventing. It’s so cool that you live in South Africa; I’ve never been there(even to the continent) nor have I known someone from there. Nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Paola, thanks for stopping by! I’ll check out your blog. Dressage is awesome. I think it’s great that you’re learning dressage before going on to eventing – obedience and understanding on the flat is so essential for horse and rider.

  2. Dominique2004

    Hi, I love your website ( especially Arop Nianell) 😄 She has been a great horse so far! And just loves treats😂 She will do anything for a carrot. But she is really bossy with other horses 😂 Even with someone’s big black draft horse but I still love her!!

  3. Dominique2004

    I love your website! I jus wanna say that Nianel is doing great.
    I can’t ask for a better horse
    She loves carrots but is very bossy with other horses,even with a big black draft horse😂
    But I still love her

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