School Ponies


Gender: Mare

Year of Birth: probably 2008

Height: 14.1h

Colour and Markings: Dun (OK, OK, buckskin) with a star

Breed: Your guess is as good as mine

Stardust is hands down the most reliable schoolie we have, and with the possible exception of old Skye, the most trustworthy pony I know. She never spooks, ever. We have faced jumping castles, traffic, water, wild animals, motorbikes, and on one memorable occasion, Father Christmas, all with tiny kids aboard and all without trouble.

Dusty’s past is vague and shadowy, but her scars tell a harsh story. We presume someone fished her out of a township somewhere and she bounced from home to home ever since. All I know is I needed a school pony and didn’t have any money, but I did have a prayer, which I used. And which was answered with that impossible thing: a truly bombproof pony. For free.

Stardust is kinda grumpy and takes a bite out of me now and then for making her work so hard but she will actively try and prevent a kid from falling. She has a lot of scars, a bad allergy, a poor consititution and a gimpy leg, but also a heart of pure solid gold. Everybody adores her.


Gender: Mare
Year of Birth: 2000

Height: 13.3h

Colour and Markings: Dark bay with a star and sock

Breed: Probably Welsh. Well, mostly Welsh.

Lulu is a huge favourite and, despite her age, she has endless energy and spunk and a tremendous pop.

Lullaby’s story is so identical to Stardust’s that I don’t know whether to laugh with awe or cry with joy at the power of my God. Either way, she’s epic. She never lets anyone get to her and has plenty of fire, but due to her tiny size, she’s a favourite with the nervous kiddies – and never fails them.

She’ll do anything and go anywhere as long as Stardust goes first and is especially popular with random barn rats (and yard managers) that just wanna have fun.


(Ashgar Riverdance)

Gender: Mare

Year of Birth: 1999

Height: 14.2hh

Colour and Markings: Bay with two socks and a star

Breed: Connemara

After an illustrious showjumping career, Ashy blew a tendon and had to retire from jumping. Her owner was looking for a new home and I was looking for a broodmare and then God did that thing He does where perfect horses randomly show up at the yard for free.

With her breeding, looks and show history I was keen to get a foal or two from Ashy before she got too old, but those plans didn’t go through this year. So we tried her in the school, and found she was one of the quietest and most patient ponies we could have hoped for.

Beautiful Ash has a gentle spirit and unending tolerance for mistakes. She loves outrides and small children, and packs the little ones around at shows like an old hand – which she is.

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