Magical Flight


Gender: Gelding

Year of Birth: 2007

Height: 15.2hh

Colour and Markings: Steel grey with a blaze and four stockings

Breed: Thoroughbred (Almushtarak x Kenmare)

Discipline: Showjumping, with eventing as a possible future goal

Magic is the horse of my dreams. Flashy, spirited, sensitive, and ridiculously talented, he’s a smart, willing horse with a very big heart. He’s one of the most generous horses I know and will try his best every time, no matter how frightened he gets, and has a lot of guts. He’s a completely different ride than I’m used to and we’re still figuring each other out, but he’s a horse in a million.

Magic raced as Gadsfly, but wasn’t much good and was retired from racing when he was just three years old and promptly snapped up by his previous owner as a jumping prospect. I helped to train him, including putting him over his first few crossrails, and I’d never ridden anything like him. His jump blew my mind: massive, powerful, screaming potential and dripping with grace. When health reasons made his owner switch to Western, she offered him to me. I couldn’t possibly say no and bought him after a three-month lease period.


He came home to me in the autumn of 2013 and together we’re working to understand each other and form a team. He’s got quite a lot of racehorse baggage, and I’m not used to his sensitivity, so I mess up a lot. Thankfully, he’s Magic, and he always forgives me and bounces back with all his generosity and spirit.

Magic is a loving, approachable kind of guy who adores jumping and detests lateral work. He’d be happy to do whatever you want, be it galloping or schooling or just hanging out with you. Curious and friendly, he loves people and has a goofy streak a mile wide. He’s impossibly photogenic and has a really annoying tendency to chew stuff.


God brought this amazing horse into my life for a reason, and I’m determined to make the best of him and by God’s grace shape both of us into a team that can go to the top. We’re taking it one step at a time, but hoping to go to his first schooling shows this spring. With Magic’s generosity and jump, he could do pretty much anything we put our minds to. Watch this space.






2015 goals:

  • Improve fitness
  • Tie up
  • Load
  • School Novice
  • Survive a hack
  • Be confident at 80cm
  • Show graded at 70cm showjumping

2016 Goals:

  • Finish getting back the topline muscle he lost when he was sick.
  • School Novice 4, 5, and 6.
  • Make 90cm our comfort zone at home.
  • Show graded at 70cm.
  • Show at 80cm, graded or training.

4 thoughts on “Magical Flight

  1. caitlin Friesen

    He is the horse of my dreams to! He has wonderful confermation (sorry spelt that wrong) and he is my fav horse color besides bay. If i lived in Africa i’d steal him LOL

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