Meet the Horses

Over the course of my equestrian career, many horses have been sent into my life, and each one had something to teach me. God has a knack of sending exactly what I need exactly when I need it, and yes, sometimes I do need a huge black stallion to buck me off a few times and make me see sense.
I rode for various studs and private owners for years before God decided to start Morning Star Stables ( and boot me into the role of stableyard manager, where I became happily surrounded by a collection of equines. I love them all to bits, but only pay the vet bills for some, who are listed individually under “Meet the Horses”. My stalwart colleagues can be found under “School Ponies” and a collection of resale ponies and training horses currently on my list (and thus in the blog) under “In Training”.

I thank God for all the horses that fill my life. He has sent each of them for a reason, and whether they perform or fail, behave or buck, they all have something to teach me. Praise the Lord.


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