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2018 Goals: Training Horses Q2

Champagne Despite my emotional craziness through this quarter, Champagne has made some good progress on the schooling front. Outings did not go as well, but now that my head is on more or less straight again, this will resume hopefully … Continue reading

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God So Loved

Where do I begin with the last two months? Perhaps I can start by saying that they were quite possibly the best and worst of my entire lifetime. The horses are well; the summer grazing came in and they all … Continue reading

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Still Not Upgraded

We have started our SANESA season with a bang. The horses are very well, the kids are doing great, and I love them all to bits. And I really, really miss my blog. Hopefully next month. ❤ Glory to the … Continue reading

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Gratitude and the Outside Rein

Today was our second lesson with Coach J, and I was nervous. Shocker. I had spent all week on poor longsuffering Thunder, trying to get the whole outside rein thing sorted out, and it just wasn’t working. I hoped Coach … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Heaven

Burnout is an ugly, hateful, soul-draining thing. If I could choose between anxiety and burnout, I’d choose anxiety. Every time. But sometimes this life takes everything I’ve got and requires me to spend myself well beyond my limits. I do … Continue reading

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Going Large

Champagney has been in training for almost five months now. At times the pace seems almost glacial – as it generally is, with remedial horses. Her owner has been utterly fabulous. Between injuries and the simple reality of working with … Continue reading

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Equivest Show Goals

With less than a month left before CHG championships, we had to find something local and small and nice to attend to keep Thunny’s hand in (so to speak). Enter Equivest, a stunning venue I’ve heard about but never been … Continue reading

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