Equivest Show Goals

With less than a month left before CHG championships, we had to find something local and small and nice to attend to keep Thunny’s hand in (so to speak). Enter Equivest, a stunning venue I’ve heard about but never been to, despite being only 40 minutes’ drive from our house.

working on the hands, working on the neck

The tests for champs are Prelim 3 and 4. I’ve ridden both a million times, and Thunder has won Prelim 3 twice, so I’m happy with that. Prelim 4 is a test he really likes and goes well in, as long as I keep it together (and actually remember the test). So I entered him in Novice 1 and 2 instead. Both have lengthenings, Novice 1 has a serpentine (like Prelim 4) and Novice 2 has a canter-trot transition on the long diagonal (also like Prelim 4).

CHG Champs will also likely be our last show at Prelim, as I’d like to move him to Novice next year. This show is supposed to be a little trial run.

getting somewhere

Arwen is also attending. She’s been schooling quite nicely but still really unfit, so she’s only riding one test. Just getting back into the swing of things so that we don’t start next year on a completely feral dragon (semi-feral will do).
Thunder’s goals

Dependent on his brain staying in his head (which it generally does):

Overall 60% or more for both tests.

6.5 or more for the trot lengthening.


6.5 or more for the serpentine. 
More than 5 for everything else, except the stretchy trot circle. He does it so nicely at home but he is still a little too tense at shows to actually, well, stretch.

Don’t fluff the canter transitions at M.

Arwen’s goals

These are simple. I wanted to get points for EM – not that we’ll actually go EM right now – this year, and we need one more. Just one. So without further ado:

55% or more overall.

More than 4.5 for everything.

More than 6 for the halt and rein back.

Survive the simple changes.

also avoid hate from judges for using the double

Excited for a day out with my dance partners. ❤ Glory to the King.

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