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Fourways Training SJ and XC

I looked at my list of horses for this show and thought, “Six horses, six riders! What a lovely, relaxed show,” and then contemplated how six riders felt like about a million at SANESA this year. One does get used … Continue reading

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We need grass, desperately. But the grass was shrivelling up and dying, until this week. As prayer meetings were held in Parliament, my own little prayers were answered. This meant a slow week for lessons, but we managed to cram … Continue reading

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Gratitude and the Outside Rein

Today was our second lesson with Coach J, and I was nervous. Shocker. I had spent all week on poor longsuffering Thunder, trying to get the whole outside rein thing sorted out, and it just wasn’t working. I hoped Coach … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Heaven

Burnout is an ugly, hateful, soul-draining thing. If I could choose between anxiety and burnout, I’d choose anxiety. Every time. But sometimes this life takes everything I’ve got and requires me to spend myself well beyond my limits. I do … Continue reading

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Going Large

Champagney has been in training for almost five months now. At times the pace seems almost glacial – as it generally is, with remedial horses. Her owner has been utterly fabulous. Between injuries and the simple reality of working with … Continue reading

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Starters Update

Not having backed anything since July, I suddenly find myself up to the eyeballs in babies. Something for which I’m more than grateful – I love them, I feel like I have a vague idea of what I’m doing with … Continue reading

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Equivest Show and More

Y’all. My God? He’s amazing. Every time I enter a dressage show I feel vaguely guilty about spending time and money on something that isn’t expressly helping other people. I know, intellectually, that God wouldn’t have sent me Faith, or … Continue reading

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