The world is broken and sad and dark and hurting, but God is brilliant and beautiful and healing and joyous, and He shines through the cracks in plain sight for everyone whose eyes are open. Glimpses of Him take my breath away. I don’t see Him as often as I should, and certainly not as often as He is there. But when I do, He sets my heart burning inside me, like the disciples said in Luke 24.

He’s here, in the wildflowers framed by delicate Arab ears. (Photo taken between spooks).

He’s here in the glimmer on Trooper’s coat as he starts to blossom. I love to see what He created shine through as the pain of a sad past falls away.

He’s in the fact that I did three manes today and they were all fine, a miracle in itself.

He’s in the fact that my DisasterDog is still fully happy and mobile despite having lived for six years with severe hip dysplasia.

He’s in the quiet companionship of moments like these with my stalwart little school pony colleagues as we hack back to the field in the golden evening light.

He’s in the unfailing loyalty of my little shadow.

God’s right here, closer than my skin. And I am grateful.

Glory to the King.

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