2016 Goals: Q1 Review


  • Qualify for the Provincials at the Young Horse Performance Series.
    – On our way! We need to complete two qualifiers to get this. One down, two to go. I have no illusions that we might actually finish in the ribbons, but just to be present at the Provincials will be epic.
  • Compete, graded, at the higher Novice tests. – Working on it. We’ve done Novice 4 and 5 at Nooitie shows, which aren’t graded but are a step up from training. At graded level we’ve done Novice 2 and 3.
  • Go to a jumping training show at a low level.  – Still far in the distance, although we have worked on getting a jumping day every week at home.
  • School lower level Elementary successfully. – Very much a work in progress. Our Novice work needs lots of polishing first.
  • Compete in any available Nooitgedachter shows. – Of the three Nooitie shows held each year, we’ve done one and entered another. The third may prove to be very hard financially, but we’ll give it our best shot.


  • Go double clear at EV70 –  We actually haven’t had a chance to event at all since January. However, we have been working hard on cleaning up our jumping at home, especially dealing with the naughty stops she’s been having. We also jumped two clear working hunter rounds in competition.
  • School Elementary Medium 1 and 2 – Also a work in progress. With competing at Novice and Training-70 we seem to hardly be schooling anything else.
  • Compete Elementary – Gathering our points at Novice for this! My mediocre riding at our first graded show didn’t help much, only getting us one score over 60%, hence one point.
  • Gallop through water – We haven’t even been able to go out cross-country schooling. May will be our month!


  • Bathing – Still a work in progress, although he is considerably better.
  • Loading. – Got it!
  • Continued improvement on injections. – Improving slowly. I can inject him now without mishap if I’m quick, but he has taken a violent dislike to the poor vet.
  • Lunging over poles.
  • Introduction to small free jumps.
  • Backing.
  • Basic aids in walk – These are going to have to wait until he’s gelded. With space being at a bit of a shortage, the round pen has ended up being in the middle of a paddock. This used to be his paddock, but having a colt around while backing mares and teaching newbies was a disaster, so we had to let the training and resale horses and lessons take priority. (They bring in cash. Xave, not so much). I’m not worried, though, because once he has had brain surgery he should be even more trainable and we’ll get it done. He’s only two and a half and a few months of gambolling should only do him good.


  • Finish getting back the topline muscle he lost when he was sick. – Oh yeah! He not only has his topline back, according to the saddle fitter, he has a lot more than he did in July last year.
  • School Novice 4, 5, and 6.  – We’re actually progressing really well here. He has the Novice 5 leg-yields down and can do the Novice 4 trot serpentine with walk transitions just fine. We do need to work on backing up and transitions from lengthened to working canter on a 15m circle. His simple changes, being a jumper, are rock solid.
  • Make 90cm our comfort zone at home –  Getting there fast. Our comfort zone has greatly expanded. We are both happy at 85cm right now. (I think Magic would be quite happy at like 1.2, but regrettably he needs his little saddle monkey that understands him, and she is not happy at 1.2, thank you very much).
  • Show graded at 70cm. –  We did it – and won both our classes! (OK, so we were alone in one class, but we didn’t die, which is a win).
  • Show at 80cm, graded or training –  I’m a lot more optimistic about this than I was when I made the goal. If he goes clear at his next show (tomorrow) we’ll do a 70cm and an 80cm in May.
I call this achieving

Glory to the ceaseless love of my amazing King, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than all I can ask or imagine ❤

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