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And Not By Sight

We called her Stardust, because she is something of light and hope that not everyone believes in. It was two days after I had made the impossible decision. The riding school is growing, and the two schoolies aren’t coping. First … Continue reading

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Fourways Training SJ

Show photos by Fine Photography The 10th January training show at one of my favourite venues was a no-brainer for the first show of 2016. I spent the days leading up to the show dead nervous. Recently back in work, … Continue reading

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2016 Goals: Arwen

I realise it’s kind of late to be setting goals, but they’ve been in my head for a while, so I may as well now put them down on paper. Screen. Whatever. I enjoy having a plan for the year … Continue reading

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ICB Christmas Event Recap: The Riding

Inanda Country Base’s massive green property reeks of old-fashioned horsiness. One can almost imagine you are somewhere deep in England; the immaculate British-style stable blocks, vast green fields and baying of their hunting hounds in the early mornings sends a … Continue reading

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ICB Christmas Event Recap: The Course Walk

Our last event of the year was also our first time at a gorgeous old venue right in the deep horse country of Kyalami. It was too beautiful not to photograph, and Amanda from the $900 Facebook Pony and her … Continue reading

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