Back in the Game

Finally, the six weeks of forced rest is over and the ponies and I have all gone solidly back to work, as well as the ever-increasing string of client horses that seem to have attached themselves to me in bewildering and wonderful numbers. You just have to love the God Who drops horses in your […]

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Anne-Marie Esslinger Lesson

Arwen and I recently had the chance to train with one of the highest-ranking showjumpers in South Africa. Naturally, we jumped (ha, ha, ha… yeah) at the opportunity. Never mind that Arwen was fresh as a squirrel on a sugar high, having had only one week of work after her six weeks off, or that […]

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TOABH: Buy all the Things!

Beka from The Owls Approve asks: Let’s continue pretending that horse poop magically transforms into money instead of the other way. So money doesn’t matter. If you could buy anything for your horse, what would you buy? Assuming I’d already bought professional fitted, gorgeously snobbish British saddles for everybody, I think the thing they would […]

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I shouldn’t be afraid. Because God gives us a spirit not of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. Because perfect love casteth out fear. Because fear not, neither be afraid, for I am with you, saith the Lord. Because of the still, small voice that whispers, “Be of good courage, […]

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TOABH: Our Wildest Dreams

Hallelujah for blog hop hosts. I had thought of several awesome ideas, mostly about the horses’ dentist visit on Monday, but it’s late, I’m tired, and everyone had kind of a bad day (suffice it to say, it stinks when anyone gets hurt at work, and it happens so quickly). However, no lasting harm has […]

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So Far, So Good

The Horde and I are all getting rather bored and irritated with walking. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy groundwork; I like watching them think and learning about the differences in how each horse’s brain works, and it is a great opportunity to learn more about each individual horse’s body language. For example, when […]

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TOABH: Their Favourite Things

Beka at The Owls Approve asks: What is your horse’s absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have? Despite all evidence to the contrary, I do not consider my horses […]

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