Just a couple days shy of a year and a month ago, I went to work to find this little newborn treasure in the paddock.


My first thought was, he’s going to grow up pretty amazing. My second thought was, I hope someday I can get to train him.


To make a long story short, the elegant young man that the little treasure grew into…


… is coming home to join my Horde.

He already has selfie skillz!
He already has selfie skillz

7 thoughts on “Exavior

  1. Awww that’s so gorgeous! And hasn’t he grown into a handsome boy. LOL baby anything makes me go all gooey. From a new baby at church, to a foal on your web page, to a tiny little pup in the pet shop that would fit in the palm of your hand (the pup that is, not the pet shop. Pet shops ten to be a bit bigger than palm size) 😀

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