Growing Closer

After all our trouble with confidence this winter, I think the long hours of grooming and groundwork and boring schooling drills are finally starting to pay off for Magic and me. It’s not easy to see. Obviously, he looks a lot better on the flat than he used to; but his jumping is pretty much […]

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October’s 10 Questions

Thanks again to Viva Carlos for a quick post idea after a long day! How many pairs of breeches/jods do you own? Three – a beige one for outings, a white one for shows, and a black one for work (yes, working at a coloured horse stud in black jods doesn’t always work out so well). […]

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Galloping On

Thursday morning my poor longsuffering daddy (who had been subject to the “Daddy, can we keep him even though we already have four?”) and I fetched Exavior and brought him home. I was quite nervous about loading him, considering that he injured his leg on a horsebox ramp and would remember that bad experience, so […]

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Good Condition

One of the most misunderstood terms in the horse world, in my experience, is “good condition”. A horse is often said to be in good condition when he is, in fact, merely fat. If someone tells me a horse is in “very good condition”, I tend to want to run a mile, because horses thus […]

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Just a couple days shy of a year and a month ago, I went to work to find this little newborn treasure in the paddock. My first thought was, he’s going to grow up pretty amazing. My second thought was, I hope someday I can get to train him. To make a long story short, […]

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HGBH: Magic Because He Is

Yay for blog hops! Seriously, I love them, and Hand Gallop has chosen a totally awesome subject for her first one. Kudos! Hand Gallop writes: What’s the origin of your horse’s show name and barn name? We’ll start with Skye, like we always do. Long, long ago when we bought Skye, I was still so little […]

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Down and Out

No, not me, I’m all better and back in the saddle. Horses’ heads. It’ll all make sense in a moment. While most of teaching connection in dressage (or “contact”, “on the bit”, “in a frame”, “in an outline”, “on the aids”, “accepting the bit”, or whatever your favourite buzzword is) involves getting the horse’s head […]

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