Reed’s First Show

All photographs by Lisa Dixon, Reed’s owner. Please don’t use these without permission! Many, many thanks to Lisa, the Mutterer, that wonderfully special horse and my Lord the King. All glory to God!

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Comedy of Errors

Today was a good day with one interesting little interval that left me at a loss as to whether I should laugh or cry or both. It involved a colt with his foot in a haynet, me rapidly ditching the horse I was schooling to swoop to the rescue wielding my Excalibur (pocketknife), and the […]

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Rockin’ the Cross-Country

May I just say that eventing is AWESOME? Okay, so I’ll do whatever discipline suits the horse best… but I am SO glad that Arwen has taken to eventing. I love it!! Yesterday morning, I was immediately glad of the bit of loading training we’d done. It was so much less stressful for everyone involved […]

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SFTSBH: Listening to Silence

Jenn at Stories from the Saddle asks: I want to know: Why do you do what you do? […] I want to know why you have chosen the particular discipline you have. This would be a whole lot easier if I had actually chosen a discipline. The honest answer is that I’ll do any discipline if somebody would […]

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On Horses and Boxes

Monty Roberts wrote that the most common remedial problem he had to deal with was horses who refused to load. This is hardly surprising, seeing as getting into a horsebox goes directly against several of the most important rules of being a horse, namely: Don’t go into dark places Don’t stand on anything that’s a […]

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