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One Jump at a Time

Sometimes, horses can make you humble. With Arwen, I wanted to be jumping 80cm by our May show. Well, we had had three stops by the second jump and after that it took three people and four attempts just to get … Continue reading

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Contact, Elbows, and the Rising Trot

So I had this whole awesome post written up about how Arwen is now a film star because I have a 30-second clip of her jumping to post on the Internet and about everything I could see in the video, … Continue reading

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Somewhere Between Sweat and Heaven

You’re riding home on a loose rein, just finished with a summer hack between the endless sky, blue as joy, and the deep grass, green as life. Your horse is fit and well. He drives himself forward with each thrust … Continue reading

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On Breeding, and Why I Consider Thunder a Success

Whenever I meet a stallion, my first thought is usually “Should he really be a stallion?” While there’s a lot of thinking going around that stallions are by default miserable, savage, difficult, dangerous creatures who need to be castrated as … Continue reading

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VCMBH: Handmade

L. from Viva Carlos asks: What is 1 unpopular horsey opinion you have? I have loads and loads of unpopular horsy opinions (you can back a horse when he’s two, you can ride a pregnant mare, thoroughbreds can live out, blah … Continue reading

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Feeling the Rain

You can’t hide forever from the thunder Look into the storm and feel the rain… ~ Josh Groban, “Brave” Ever since I tried to break in a large black stallion when I was twelve years old and relatively clueless, with … Continue reading

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The Halfway Mark: Where We Stand

With June already behind us, it’s time to look back at the goals I set in January and see where the horses and I all stand. However much reality differs from the way I planned it, I accept it joyfully; … Continue reading

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