One Jump at a Time

Sometimes, horses can make you humble. With Arwen, I wanted to be jumping 80cm by our May show. Well, we had had three stops by the second jump and after that it took three people and four attempts just to get us over the jump for practice. This was more due to my nerves than anything else; […]

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VCMBH: Handmade

L. from Viva Carlos asks: What is 1 unpopular horsey opinion you have? I have loads and loads of unpopular horsy opinions (you can back a horse when he’s two, you can ride a pregnant mare, thoroughbreds can live out, blah blah blah), but the most important is probably this one: Horses were created. I know the […]

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Feeling the Rain

You can’t hide forever from the thunder Look into the storm and feel the rain… ~ Josh Groban, “Brave” Ever since I tried to break in a large black stallion when I was twelve years old and relatively clueless, with the expected consequences, I’ve had nervousness issues. I suppose that no horseman can expect to […]

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