Little Steps

I have often felt that horsemanship is so much more than riding, a subject which I’ll elaborate on in another post soon. Many people – even those who don’t do their horses’ daily feeding and mucking out chores – will know what I’m talking about, but until you keep your horses at home and have […]

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Rocking the Dressage

A few months ago I wrote about how glad I was that Sookie Lynn was coming back into my life. Sookie first came to the stud about two years ago as a three-year-old filly from dressage bloodlines, very unique-looking with her skewbald (pardon me, bay tobiano) coat and one blue eye. She had just been […]

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I may be biased (okay, so I am totally biased), but my baby horse is the kindest youngster I’ve had the pleasure of working with. No, he’s not the smartest, by a long shot. That would be Rose, a skewbald mare I schooled with attractive leopardy ink spots and a fantastically wavy, feathery mane. Rose […]

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Clipped and Ready

Clipping is a job that can be either a welcome and satisfying break from the daily grind or a soul-searching, body-pounding ordeal, and the one thing that makes the difference is having a good pair of clippers. The first few times I clipped Arwen I used a very old, very noisy, very blunt set of […]

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