Goodbye Summertime

Summer did not leave without a fight. At first, when the day began to shorten so that I would open my curtains to the single bright eye of the morning star instead of the fanfare of colour that brought the sunrise, I thought summer would age and fade graciously. But instead, it returned with one […]

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Arwen and the Folly of Mankind

Or womankind, in this case. See, I’ve been reading horsy stuff. If my horses knew this, they would run away. Unfortunately, the poor unenlightened creatures have to suffer the effects of me reading horsy stuff, which usually include more/harder/new work for them. First, I watched with great interest as my favouritest horse blogger The Sprinkler […]

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Arwen’s Little Secret

I know Secret wasn’t ever really supposed to be born; in fact, I didn’t even know he was on his way. On the evening of December 1, 2011, there was one round horse and the next morning there were two flat ones. Hence the name: he was Arwen’s little secret. Still, I won’t say that I minded […]

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