Arwen’s Progress: 2013-2014

Yesterday was a photo shoot day. My sister Rain came along to photograph the horses under saddle; I love having pictures taken regularly under saddle, snapshots in time of their stage of training, to compare later on and see how we’re doing. First up is Arwen in walk. In this photo from nearly a year […]

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Into the Big Wide World

Although I’ve spent many hours with Thunder working in the confines of a lunging ring or arena, the ultimate goal has always been to turn him into a reliable hack/trail horse/whatever you want to call it. While the thrill of showjumping and the concentration of dressage have their appeal, I’m afraid my idea of a […]

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On Bits, Bridles and Big Jumps

It’s been a busy month. Between studies, horses, preparing for a big show with the cowies, writing the eQuest for Truth blog, novelling a bit and studying for my learner’s licence, blogging kinda fell by the wayside. Skye has been doing some dressing up; I gave myself permission to be just a little bit tack-crazy […]

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